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Kate O'Connor

Kate O’Connor-Heptathlon

Event progression resources are available to download free of charge by clicking the links below.  These progressions have been prepared by the Athletics NI Coaching Department and demonstrated at recent Athletics 365 Workshops and Secondary School Teacher CPD days in Northern Ireland. The content below is regularly delivered at weekly Rising Stars Squads (in 8 regions) with athletes progressing according to competency displayed.  Adapted equipment which may assist with delivery of athletics for youth athletes is also listed below.


Acceleration – For Sprints, Hurdles and Endurance running

Upright / Maximum Velocity Running – for sprints, hurdles, endurance and Javelin

Hurdles – For 100/110m Hurdles, 300/400m Hurdles and 3000m Steeplechase

Javelin-pull throw progression to prepare an athlete for javelin

Shot-push throw progressions

High Jump-focusing on approach run and bar clearance

Long Jump-focusing on preparation for take off and landing

800m – Preparation for middle distance with a focus on pacing

Relays – Using the “Push Pass” exchange as used in the 4x100m relays


Below you can find some examples of the adapted equipment used with youth athletes.

The Finnflier Javelin

Finflyer javelin

The FinnFlier™ is the flight-training javelin from Finland, which affords the thrower the opportunity to learn how to throw the Javelin in a safe and controlled fashion whilst gaining valuable flight feedback. The FinnFlier™ possesses the shaft length which allows the safe plastic point to sit by the head in the same way a Javelin does as well as offering a soft flex rating and a safe, plastic tapered tail.. The FinnFlier™ is the only safe Javelin on the market today, that really does fly like a Javelin. This javelin can safely be thrown on tartan tracks, astro turf, grass and on rubberized sports hall floors.

RRP £55

Aluminium Self Return Hurdles

Adjustable hurdles

Aluminium Self Return Hurdles of lightweight tubular frame construction, balanced to return to  the upright position when knocked over.

Height adjustable and boasting the advantage of storing flat when not in use. Options include:

  • Mini – 76cm wide – 40cm to 60cm Height
  • Midi – 84cm wide – 56cm to 86cm Height
  • Maxi – 89cm wide – 66cm to 107cm Height

RRP £21.50 – £23

Throwing Ball (500g-900g)

600g throwing ball

PVC shell filled with loose lead and/or iron pellets. U13 Girls throw a 400g javelin while senior men throw an 800g implement.

Throwing balls are available from 500-900g.

RRP £12.60

High Jump Flexibar

High Jump flexibar

Flexibar with coloured foam sections. 4m long. Suitable for training/teaching purposes.

RRP £18.05

Medicine Ball (1-2kg)

2kg medicine ball

Suitable for teaching throwing progressions for Javelin and Shot.

Rebound throws against a sports hall wall increase the number of repetitions that can be performed.

RRP £17