Physical Preparation for Off-Track Endurance
‘Run Strong’ is Athletics NI’s physical preparation development initiative for adult off-track endurance athletes. It is underpinned by a structured training syllabus devised specifically to help endurance athletes develop a broad base of fundamental movement patterns, trunk and general strength. The development of these skills are the foundation for lifelong movement competency and strength. 

Why was the curriculum developed?

Total fitness is about more than just being active. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) it involves developing cardiorespiratory (aerobic and anaerobic), musculoskeletal (strength, speed and power), and neuromotor (co-ordination) fitness. Run Strong helps to build fundamental movement skill, strength, speed, mobility, balance and co-ordination to complement and enhance running fitness. A lack of these qualities increases the risk of injury and limits an individuals overall ability to achieve total fitness and maximise their health goals.

What equipment do you need?

Run Strong is designed to be delivered in a typical sports hall using only exercise mats and benches. This makes it perfect for large groups who want to build strength, co-ordination and endurance to enhance their fitness and running performance.

Run Strong session held at North Belfast Harriers. November 2015.

Run Strong session held at North Belfast Harriers. November 2015.

Weeks 1-4 Exercises Video Library

Run Strong Syllabus

Run Strong Weeks 5-8

This second four week block provides a gradual progression from the previous programme. We also introduce the concept of performing "Introduction to General Strength B" in a circuit fashion with participants moving from one station to the next as they progress through...

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Run Strong Weeks 1-4

This first four week block introduces the fundamentals of physical preparation including dynamic warm-up, trunk bracing (core work) and general strength.  Across the four weeks the difficulty of the sessions can be increased with week one focusing on teaching the...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started running a Run Strong session?
Several clubs across Northern Ireland are currently running sessions based on the Run Strong curriculum. Athletics NI encourage coaches to learn about delivering sessions through hands on experience. So why not come along to a session that already exists and join in? You can then take the syllabus back to your own club and implement it right away.
What clubs are involved with Run Strong?
Currently Job Lisburn and North Belfast Harriers are conducting Run Strong inspired programmes. Why not contact those clubs and ask when their “circuits/strength and conditioning” sessions are being run.
Who should I contact regarding Run Strong?

Allister Woods has recently been appointed as Athletics NI’s Running Participation Officer. Feel free to contact him regarding run strong.