General Physical Preparation (On Track)

A.Soft tissue release (1 min each)
Foam roll pecs
Foam roll t spine
Foam roll adductors

B.Hurdle Hip Mobility (6)
Forward Left x2
Forward right x2
Over under x2 each side

 for trunk and shoulder stability

Hot Footed Lizard for Trunk and Shoulder Stability

C. Gymnastics
Hot footed lizard 2x45s
Push up to prone hold 2x30s
Wall hanstand 2×30 or Pike push up  2×10
Forward roll to stand x8  (Single leg stand if able)
Backward roll to stand x8 (Single leg stand if able)

D. Shoulder prep with mini bands
High rep Y T W (20 each)

E. High rep Monster walk with mini bands2 x 30 reps left & right

Trunk and shoulder stability

Handstands performed for trunk and shoulder stability

F. Remedial plyos (15 work : 45 recovery)

Pogo in place 2×15 sec
Pogo forward 2x15sec
In and outs 2x15secs
Round the clock jumps 2x15secs

G. Running school 

A Walks 2x10m
Over Ankle Dribbles 2x10m
Over Calf Dribbles 2x10m
Dribble bleed 3x40m

Stephen McCorry (Hammer, Gareth Moffett, Ballymena and Antrim)

Piked push ups performed by Stephen McCorry (Hammer, Ballymena and Antrim)

H. 6x Series of 3 SLJS
75% effort-not for distance -Long-high- high





Introductory Strength Session (Gym based)
Mid thigh shrug from rails 4×5 (Clean Progression)

Front racked rear foot elevated 4×6 (Single leg strength)
Alternate leg hop stick 4×8 (Single leg landing progression)

Pull ups  3×8 (PV & Javelin) 
1 sided KB Deadlift  3×8 e/s (Hammer)
Prone hold 3×15-5 rep back extension& 5 sec hold  (Posterior Chain)

Trunk Circuit
Wide stance cable rotation 2×10 e/s or Palof press 2×10 e/s
2×1 min side plank on bottom knee
2x1min Rolling plank